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Acrobatics and Tumbling Entry #20: STATS–STATS–STATS

Every year hundreds of university and college coaches go searching for a new group of talented athletes to recruit.

Every year hundreds of top schools award athletes over $1 billion in sports scholarships.

Every year, over 1,800 schools are looking for athletes.

Every year, only 2% of high school student-athletes are awarded an athletic scholarship at a university.

There are roughly 138,000 athletic scholarships available for Division I and Division II sports.

More than 1 million boys play high school football, but there are only about 19,500 football scholarships.

Nearly 603,000 girls compete in track and field in high school, but they’re competing for around 4,500 scholarships.

Female athletes have better grades and higher graduation rates than non-athlete females.

71% of the female students who entered NCAA Division I programs on athletic scholarship graduate within six years of enrollment, as compared to 63% for female students overall.

Young women who participated in sports were more likely to be engaged in volunteering, be registered to vote, feel comfortable making a public statement, follow the news, and boycott than young women who had not participated in sports.

Teenage female athletes are less likely to illicit drugs, less likely to be suicidal, less likely to smoke and more likely to have positive body images than female non-athletes.

Team sports participation is associated with a lower prevalence of sexual risk-taking behaviors for young women.

In 2006 only 42.4% of women’s teams (and less than 2% of men’s teams) were led by a female head coach.

In 2011 100% of Acrobatics and Tumbling Teams are coached by a female head coach.


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Acrobatics and Tumbling Entry #19: How does it feel to get “inked”

How does it feel to get “inked”? No, not the tattoo kind, but the scholarship kind!

Getting ‘inked’ is to sign a scholarship…to get paid to participate in college on an athletic team…to be a student-athlete.

It is common for scholarship athletes to get a great press article in their home town when signing, or “inking”…it is, you know, a BIG deal.  Here is an example of an average press release for an acrobatics and tumbling athlete who signed with a major university: (names and locations changed to protect their privacy)

Anytown, USA, April 15th

It’s a near-perfect match. Maybe even a “10.”

Take a driven gymnast — raised by two coaches, learning her first moves at age 1 — who sparked the fledgling Anytown High cheerleading and gymnastics squads when the school opened two years ago.

Enter the University of XXXXXX, which has just launched a competitive team acro and tumbling women’s program, first of its kind in the area.

Add the ambitious new coach, whose top-shelf former program captured several National Cheerleading Association titles and who plans to make a similar splash here.  No wonder “Suzie Smith” was all smiles Monday after signing a letter of intent to join the university’s new roster.

With the school colored balloons and a themed cake for a backdrop, “Smith”, 18, inked paperwork for an athletic scholarship. Proud friends and coaches watched in the high school commons.

“It’s just like training here”, “Smith”, 18, said. “I think making a statement is the thing.”
Said high school cheerleading coach, “It’s a huge deal for her. It’s a huge deal for competitive female athletes” that the university is committed to a high-impact program, she said.

“Smith” knows plenty about competition. She earned high honors at this year’s state, regional and national gymnastics meets as well as a state cheer title. During a winning gymnastics career nurtured by her coach, she’s earned all-league honors and collected most outstanding, inspirational and even scholastic individual awards.  Her parents sat beaming at their daughter’s side during the signing.

“I like competing. Not necessarily getting awards and medals, but just competing — trying to do my best,” “Smith” said. “I just do it for fun, and to be with my friends. Being able to participate in college will be even better”

At a compact 5-foot-3 and 130 pounds, she brings her strong gymnastics skills — the beam, floor exercise and vault her usual repertoire — to acrobatics and tumbling.

“The crowd likes the flipping. You need to have those kind of aerial skills” to impress judges, coach explained. “Her strength mades her a great athlete.”

That’s what caught the eye of new University coach Ms. XXXXX, quickly building a powerhouse unit of three dozen athletes. During “Smith’s” recruiting visit, the university’s commitment and her talents meshed enough to render moot earlier visits she took to other universities, she said.

Ms. XXXXX’s university arrival brings legitimacy — other big universities have recently added teams, too — and should send ripples to young athletes across the region, said Coach.

The university’s team will compete in the large arena and never as second-fiddle to other sports.

“Smith” will begin workouts in September, prior to the winter team season. She plans to major in athletic training, an interest piqued by her own impact.

#  #  #

How does it feel to get inked?  IT FEELS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!

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Acrobatics and Tumbling Entry #18: Weekly Diary-Day 7

This series will cover one week in the life of an Acrobatics and Tumbling athlete. It is pre-season, Fall Term.


Reflections of my week as an Acrobatics and Tumbling student-athlete.

There are so many things to focus on, but I will dwell on just a few.  The first one being the support from other sports.  We are different because we are new to each campus our sport is played on.  The public keeps alive the headline, “Is This Really a Sport?”.  The other student-athletes tell me, “heck, yeah!”, you are much of a sport as we are!  I get confirmation every day that we are legit!

Being a student-athlete within the athletic department gives me extra tools for help with my education.  Getting a sound education is important and the department with everyone in it, wants us to succeed as student-athletes.  It is a great feeling!

I am in awe of other athletes, of their speed, of their strength, of their intensity to get the job done.  I am equally in awe that they think and say the same about acrobatics and tumbling athletes.  I will, most graciously, live up to their expectations. I love my sport, it is my life for this time and I would not change it for another.

And to all of the cheerleaders, gymnasts, acrobats, divers, runners, skaters…there are scholarships and student-athlete opportunities out there for you after high school.  Your skills are needed in our new sport. You are needed in our new sport.

Look for more diary feeds when we start our season, it will be jammed packed!  See you on the flip side!

Quote of the day:  “The number one reason why people quit is because they look at how far they’ve got to go, not how far they’ve come”.

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